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Sunspotters Frequent Stayer Club

We like to think of our guests as family. Once you stay with us, and the more you stay, the more we can do for you. That's why we started our VIP Sunspotters Club.

Every Guest automatically enrolled after they stay. Best of all there is no additional cost. Some resorts offer incentives to attract new guests. We offer them to our loyal current guests. You are instantly a member. And membership gives you some special perks.

- Early notice and availability reminders.
- First Chance to book future dates, especially high seasons.
- Early Booking discount of FIVE percent if you book at least one year in advance.
- First Time discount of TEN percent when you book a given home the first time.
- Standby Discounts of FIFTEEN percent on reservations that are preemptable.
- Late Booking discounts up to TWENTY percent for reserving 2 to 5 days in advance.
- Last Minute discounts up to TWENTY-FIVE percent for reserving less than 48 hours in advance.
- Sunspotters Newsletter including discounts, promotions and other valuable stuff.


After staying with us, retain your booking confirmation paperwork and the Confirmation Number, you will need that when booking or taking benefits.

Sunspot special deals, prices and promotions are listed on our websites. Be sure to check it often. Plus we'll email you regularly when there are new offerings. Occasionally news and offers are sent by snail mail.

To book a home and receive benefits all you have to do is call our office and let us know you are a "Sunspotter." We'll give you our usual great fast service, apply your discounts and you'll be set. Nothing could be easier. And we hope these small incentives help you to enjoy more of our homes and stay with us even more frequently.

Pricing: For Sunspotter Discounts, Rules & Regulations call your Sunspot Representative.


GENERAL: Sunspotter club membership is automatically provided to every guest after they have stayed in one of our vacation homes. Membership is not transferable, has no cash value and can be cancelled by Sunspots for any reason. The club can be discontinued at any time. Discounts can not be combined.

HIGH SEASON: Most benefits are not available during holiday or high seasons.

EARLY NOTICE: Repeat Guests don't want to miss out on the best locations and dates. So we remind Sunspotters about getting their reservations made early. These notices are usually sent by email or occasionally by mail or phone.

FIRST CHANCE: New guests generally can not book more than about 12 months in advance of their occupancy. Members, on the other hand, may book any unit up to 18 months in advance. Regular payment terms apply but this is the way to get your favorite rental on the dates you want the most.

EARLY BOOKINGS: Members receive this discount on any booking that is received at least 365 days prior to the first day of occupancy. This discount is good for all homes, all areas and all dates. Payments are made in the usual manner and all other conditions apply. Applies to all homes, all areas and all dates.

FIRST TIME: Members receive this discount when they rent any home that they have not rented previously. This is our way of letting you try new locations. It applies to any geographic area and any home but is not available during high seasons.

STANDBY: Members also have the option of booking vacation homes on a "Stand-By" basis. This means you may book any home in any area at any time as far in advance as you like. Those dates will remain available to other visitors. If someone else books those dates up to 48 hours in advance then the member's booking is cancelled and they are notified by phone. If not one else books those dates then the member gets the dates at the discounted price.

LATE BOOKINGS: Homes that remain un-booked 2 to 5 days in advance, may be booked by members at a discount. The discount amount varies based on the home, area and season. See the website section "Specials" to see the available discounts. If no discounts are shown please call to find unpublished discounts.

LAST MINUTE BOOKINGS: Home that remain un-booked 24 hours in advance may be booked by members at a further discount. The discount amount varies based on the home, area and season. See the website section "Specials" to see the available discounts. If not discounts are shown, members are reminded to call us to see if a discount can be arranged.

NEWSLETTER: This newsletters goes only to Sunspotter members and contains news and information about our vacation areas as well as notice of specials, discounts and other promotions. Sometimes even discounts from other rental areas, rental cars, activities and more.

Note: Special Offers are subject to withdrawal without advance notice and sometimes prior to the Offer Ends date. Certain limitations exist on some special offers and conditions may be necessary for guests to qualify to receive some offerings.

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